Who Do You Know?

Know any great people looking for paid work or for a place to volunteer? The school and the P&C are looking for people for the following:

Kitchen Specialist in our Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program | General Assistant | Landscaping / garden maintenance | Graphic Design


Kitchen Specialist

- The school is looking for a Kitchen Specialist (0.6 FTE) in the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program. Work with the lovely Garden Specialist Nelly, conduct cooking classes with seasonal produce and plan and maintain the lovely post-renovation kitchen. Kitchen classes depend on a Kitchen Specialist so please forward the job description to anyone with a love for cooking, educating and healthy eating - no teaching degree required!

Kitchen Specialist role

General Assistant

-  The school is looking for a General Assistant (Full time) to provide routine maintenance and upkeep of our beautiful school and grounds. This is a critical role for keeping the school in tip-top shape! Please share the job description far and wide: 

General Assistant role

Landscaping / Garden Maintenance

While the school looks for a full time General Assistant, they would love some help with planning, or even executing, a maintenance program for our recently restored kindy playground. If you or someone you know works in landscaping or garden maintenance and can help the school keep its one grassed area looking beautiful, please get in contact with the school at bondi-p.school@det.nsw.edu.au

Graphic Design

The P&C is also looking for a graphic designer to help our events team on an ad-hoc basis. If you love to design, please get in contact with the P&C at bondipublicschoolpcsec@gmail.com