Class Parent Reps

Class parent reps play a valued and important role for their class and the school community. Class parent reps are asked to:

Facilitate communication

Distribute parent/carer contact lists for your class and set-up a WhatsApp group for easy communication - from checking if it’s mufti-day to letting people know about your child’s allergies.

Send regular WhatsApp messages with school communications relevant to your class using the school newsletter and ClassDojo as sources.

Create opportunities for socialising

Organise social events as the perfect way to get to know each other and start creating your village. Remember, adult-only events are also well-attended... 

Support the P&C

Lead your class in one school community event a year with the other Class Parents from your year level and the P&C. 

Attend P&C meetings once a term to hear latest news and champion your class needs. If unable to attend, organise a representative on your behalf.

Encourage parents and carers to volunteer as often as possible.