About The Canteen

Welcome to Canteen Bondi - where freshly made, wholefood is just the beginning!

For those who don’t know, Canteen Bondi at BPS is pretty special, and is something we can all feel a little proud of. Our menu was originally developed by a Nutritionist, and while there’s been some tweaks over the years, the core principles remain the same: to deliver healthy, wholefood to our kids, 5 days a week. Just about every menu item is made on site, from scratch, using whole-foods - with no refined sugar in sight! To boot, it is absolutely delicious - just ask all the staff who order their Canteen recess & lunch each day!!

As parents, it’s an amazing privilege that we have this incredible Team preparing healthy food for our kids, 5 days a week; we know that when we order from the Canteen, our kids are getting healthy wholefoods that will fuel their learning and energy for the day. 


Our beloved Canteen relies on volunteers from our School Community (people just like you!) to keep the good food rolling, and provide support for our incredible Team. Like most areas in community life, the Canteen took a big hit from Covid in terms of volunteers. So if you’ve been thinking about volunteering - now is the time! It’s a great way to spend a couple of hours doing something meaningful for our School, you get to see all the amazing way the food is made ... and best of all, your kids LOVE seeing you in there :)